How Do You Plan To Retire?

  Retirement  |    7 Feb 2017


How do you envision yourself during your retirement years when you are no longer able to work? Have you thought about maximizing the opportunities (time of plenty) God blessed you with (like your job, talents, business, etc) to ensure that you can sustain yourself and help others during your retirement years (time of famine)? One may say.. 'God will provide'. Yes, He will, but remember that we are also responsible, or should I say accountable for how we treat the resources God blessed us with. It's not by our might that we are blessed but by His power. So like Joseph, shouldn't we be wise and manage well our resources so that when the time comes when we are no longer receiving a monthly salary we can draw from our storehouses and even give to others. Acts 20:35 says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". Do you plan to rely on others when you can no longer work?

We often fall in the trap to think that there is time and so we continue in a habit of procrastination until we are disillusioned and brought back to reality... which is, time lost cannot be regained. Therefore, now is the time to give serious thought and effort to lay aside some of your earnings no matter how small. Setting aside something continuously; no matter how insignificant it may seem; adds up to a tangible sum when it matters most. In Jamaica, we say, "one one cocoa full basket".

One may also argue that the salary is not even enough to deal with monthly bills and expenses so how can I save towards retirement? My one advice to this question is... treat it like any other monthly bill which must be paid or else. It is amazing to realize that most of the things we spend on are unnecessary. Yes! unnecessary because we stock up on all the latest things which we hardly ever use or end up giving away. Or buying new furniture every year simply because it's Christmas and so on. Granted, not all of us may be employed but what about those who are? What about you? Have you thought about your retirement plan?

As a child, I was taught, "if you fail to plan, plan to fail". The reality is not all of us will live to our retirement years (God forbid) but if we do; how do you plan to get by without a salary then. If it is hard to save and pay your bills now when you have a regular salary; imagine how much harder it will be when the salary disappear and you and your bills stand alone.


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