Terms and Conditions

All the contents of the ExecutiveVirtualAide.com website are provided for general informational purposes only. This disclaimer, in addition to the outlined terms of use and the privacy policy, governs and controls your access to and use of this website (ExecutiveVirtualAide.com). The information and content herein are provided in good faith, and the use thereof is solely at your own risk.

Changes are made periodically to this website without notice at any time. Executive Virtual Aide reserves the right, at any time, to revise the terms and conditions of the services provided. By using this website, the associated third-party apps, and the offered services and products, the user agrees to assume all risk and waive all rights and any claims they may have against Executive Virtual Aide and its associates.

Executive Virtual Aide is committed to securing the business of the client with the strictest confidentiality. Any information relating to the client, and their business shall not be disclosed to any person at any time without the client's permission. Information collected is used for the sole purpose to which the client agreed.

The services are provided on a part-time basis during Eastern Standard Time (EST) subject to calendar availability.

Executive Virtual Aide accepts work requests for projects requiring administration, transcription, and design services. A detailed description of the project must be provided, outlining the client's expectations for the final product. An estimate will be provided, and the client will be required to pay a deposit before the commencement of the project, with the balance payable upon final delivery. The turnaround time is between 5 and 20 business days but may vary depending on the scope of the project.

It is the client's responsibility to review the final deliverables. If the completed project does not comply with the requirements outlined in the work order, the time to correct the project will not be billed to the client. However, if the client fails to communicate the requirements clearly or changes the agreed-upon contract, then the time required to make the changes will be billed to the client. Written notice should be provided if there are changes to the initial instructions. Notwithstanding, all prior work is chargeable. If the client does not provide feedback within 7 days of the delivery of the completed project, it will be deemed accepted, and any updates or changes thereafter will be considered a new task or project.

Rush or priority service requests that require completion within 24 to 72 hours, outside the normal turnaround time, will attract an extra charge of up to 25%, depending on the scope of the project.

Payments are accepted via debit or credit cards through PayPal or via bank transfers. A deposit is required before the commencement of all projects, and the balance is payable upon final delivery. Small projects valued at USD $200 or less are required in full before commencement.

Clients may opt to purchase fixed hours for priority scheduling by subscribing to the Executive Virtual Aide monthly retainer. The retainer term is 3 months, billed monthly in advance, and payable in full upon receipt of the invoice. Additional hours used within the month will be billed at the regular rate. Unused retainer hours may only be rolled over within the term period.

Invoice payments are due upon receipt. A balance that is more than 30 days outstanding will attract a 15% late fee on the amount owing for each consecutive 30-day period. Additional expenses, such as postage, bulk copies or prints, etc., will be billed to the client.

For projects that are canceled by the client, the deposit is not refundable. A cancellation request received immediately before the commencement of a project will be refunded minus transaction expenses within 10 working days of the request.

Monthly retainer packages are automatically invoiced monthly for the term subscribed. Thereafter, the client is not obligated to renew and may cancel at that time. An opt-out fee of 25% of the total cost of the remaining retainer term is assessed for a cancellation request received before the expiration of the retainer term.

By using this website and other communication means to request the services of Executive Virtual Aide, the client agrees to the terms and conditions and grants consent to use the information provided to deliver the requested service.

Executive Virtual Aide appreciates the testimonials from satisfied clients and values the word-of-mouth referrals made by them to their associates. For each new referral that generates a sale, a 5% discount may be credited to both the new and existing clients.