Executive Virtual Aide

"When you take the step to work with a virtual assistant, 
you empower yourself to accomplish so much more." 
- Fabienne Fredrickson

Business Professionals
Ideal for... Small Business | Entrepreneurs | Contractors | Independent Agents | Physicians | Attorneys | Teachers | Busy Professionals etc.

  • Are you challenged with a never-ending list of To-Dos?
  • Do you need a reliable occasional extra hand to handle day to day administrative tasks?
  • Do you need specialized business support services but not interested in the responsibility of hiring an employee, purchasing equipment, payroll taxes etc.?
  • Have you been meaning to create that brochure, newsletter or document but never really found the time to get it done, or done on time?

Executive Virtual Aide provides administrative, transcription, creative designing and web support services remotely from Kingston, Jamaica in keeping with current business practices. Services are available on a per project or retainer basis.

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What are the Benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant?

The REWARDS are endless and tailored to your business' success. Just to highlight a few:

1.  You only pay for work done; no idle time.
2.  No need to buy and maintain extra office equipment and space.
Best Rate Guarantee3.  No payroll taxes; no employee benefits.
4.  Work with multi-skilled qualified professional.
5.  No recruiting or training costs.
6.  Convenient for one-time and retainer projects.
7.  More time to devote to the core of your business.
8.  On-call service, when you need it.


Executive Virtual Aide has the skills and expertise to support your business needs; allowing you more time to grow your business. Do not get burdened with mundane time-consuming to-do's. Whether you require someone to manage your emails, transcribe audio recordings or design your flyers or business cards, help is available - let's work together!

Typing, Bookkeeping, Spreadsheets, Database, Powerpoint

Executive Virtual Aide provides a range of administrative and specialized services to support your everyday business needs competitively. You can save hours in your work week by delegating tasks like:
Bookkeeping is an important part of any successful business; data entry - recording payments and receipts, preparing and sending out invoices and balancing the books. Do you find there's not enough time in a day when running your business and these tasks get left behind? EVA can help balance your books while you balance your business. 

Visual is very important when trying to appeal to the senses and emotions of your audience and there is no telling how much impact a well organized, creatively designed presentation will have in getting your ideas across to seal a deal. Impress your prospects and clients with professionally organized slides by EVA?

Proofreading / Editing
Do you need a second pair of eyes to professionally review your manuals, ebooks, essay etc? Not only will EVA identify the errors in your document but you can also request for it to be edited. Get the help you need when you need it. 

Connect with your customers and their network by establishing social media accounts like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. Don't know how or don't have the time? EVA can set up and manage your social media accounts and much more.

Already have a website? EVA can help with content management and keep your content current. Your online customers should be abreast of the latest developments in your business.

With a typing speed of over 60 WPM, let EVA be your business partner to cater to your general administrative needs? 

Meetings, Interviews, Dictations, Lectures

You Speak It! EVA Type It! Transcribe your digital recordings - audio and video. Single speaker and multi-speaker recordings. 

o    Dictations
o    Lectures
o    Voicemail

Multiple Speakers Transcription
   o    Business Meetings
o    Conferences
o    Discussion Panels
o    Focus Groups
   o    Interviews

Starting as low as $1 per audio minute. Get up to 2 free revisions. 

Business Cards, Newsletters, Logos, Letterheads, Website

Don't underestimate the potential of a professional looking business card. You may not get new business immediately after issuing your business card but in a couple of months, you can reap invaluable results. Consider this; let's say you are a plumbing contractor and you gave out some business cards to people you met. They may not have an immediate need for your service but when they do, guess who they'll call first?

This is another way in which you can market your business and keep your customers up to date. You can advertise an event or promotion.

Be consistent in your branding. Let EVA design it for you.

Are you interested in establishing your own blog or website? EVA can set up your website to host information about your business using customized templates. Establishing a website does not have to be very expensive but it goes a far way in having a presence online.

If you have a project that is not listed here, please don't hesitate to call or send a message for a free consultation session. 

Give yourself some much needed time to do the things you want to do and let EVA be the silent partner that makes you look great!

Working with a Virtual Assistant is...
simple... effective... saving you time and money!

Whatever your business needs, just call EVA!  

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