Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jamaica is 53

Jamaica 53

The theme for Jamaica's independence 2015 is "Proud and Free - Jamaica 53". We are a proud people indeed. This little island is known for its amazing culture, people, food, music and sites. Jamaicans are people who defy boundaries to attain great heights. Jamaicans are known to create paths and trails where others wouldn't dare to trod. Jamaicans are talented, warm and passionate and this year, together as a people we celebrate 53 years of independence.

Proud we are, especially when one consider our history but are we truly free? Honestly, I am still considering that point. Nonetheless, we have so many achievements and people who have taken Jamaica global. Still there is so much more to be done. When we consider 53 years - are we where we could have, should have been. Jamaica is a land of beauty from its beaches to the lush mountain side. We are truly a blessed people but as we celebrate this year, let us ponder the words of our national song:

"Jamaica land of beauty, we promise faithfully
to serve thee with our triumphs and bring our gifts to thee
Jamaica we will always, in honor of thy name
work steadfastly and wisely, and never bring thee shame.
From river side to mountain, from cane fields to the sea
Our hearts salute Jamaica, triumphant proud and free."

Let us empower those around us to free themselves from the bondage of sin and immorality. Let us turn to God and pray that the Jamaica land we love will grow stronger as our people come together in unity and uphold the standards that make us as unique as we are. With God as our guide - dare to dream, dare to be and dare to achieve. Happy Independence Jamaica!

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