Saturday, October 25, 2014

Let's fight - Breast Cancer is a word not a sentence.

Cancer 5k Run

Let's reach for recovery one step or jog at a time... we must overcome Breast Cancer! Whew! A little encouragement goes a far way, especially when you're not inclined to exercise (like yours truly) but once the wheel starts turning you find strength like you never known you had. That was my experience today, I must admit that it felt good walking 5K, not only because I am participating in the cause but it felt good walking at a very cool temperature in the morning. It has been a while since my lungs were so refreshed. I am motivated to continue with an early morning exercise routine for the burst of energy to go through the day.

We had a little warm-up session which I think was very good but at one point I couldn't keep up with all the different stretches and all but I did what I could - I couldn't touch my toes. Other than that I was a good sport doing jumping jacks, squats and all. Then we set out to the starting line and the runners took to the course after which the walkers followed behind. It was a pink run indeed for as far as the eyes could see with touches of other colors here and there; mostly among the men though (I guess it was too much pink for them). Later, I realized that I was well prepared with my umbrella that was tucked in my little backpack; since it started to rain from the 3k mark. It is always good to be in the loop with the weather so you can be prepared just in case their prediction of morning showers is correct. And might I add that a comfortable pair of walking shoes augurs well with the experience.

There is one thing I realize today, that can be a lesson for all of us even in other areas of our lives. Never let your present condition/circumstance dictate what you can and cannot do. I was always adamant that I couldn't participate in these long walking/running events because of a bad knee I have resulting from a hiking trip to Blue Mountain Peak. Needless to say, I kept using that as an excuse and was conscious that I may not finish but I started the journey, paced myself and once I got my momentum going there was no turning back... no stopping - forward still to the end. At the 4K point, I felt like my knee awoke but nothing to cry about, my MO was to finish and I hardly broke a sweat. EVA (yours truly) was there leading the charge and Team FIRM really stood FIRM to the challenge. The journey ended - bad knee or no bad knee, it may have just been mind over matter. 
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chikungunya the enemy of performance


I wonder where was I when I was bitten; at work, home or in transit? I don't recall being anywhere else (boring, I know) but today, my right knee has been really sore then, a little later my right wrist. By the time I got home my whole body feels like I've been hit by a truck. My head hurts and my eyes are burning and my neck and back are stiff with pain. And to think it couldn't get any worse, all the pharmacies are out of paracetamol; which is said to help with the pain. All because of some mosquitos.

I am barely managing to write this article because my fingers don't function like they used to and I am starting to recognize some rash on my legs and hands. This is definitely not happening to me or is it? I've got stuff I have to do and I can't be hostage to this virus. I hope willpower can overcome it because that is as much as I have right now. There is not one person I know that hasn't yet contracted the virus or have some immediate relative who has. 

This chikungunya virus have been reaping havoc in Jamaica and businesses and customers alike are impacted by the effects of the virus, and might I add; even babies and the elderly. Chikungunya is no respecter of persons. I must get something to deal with this because the potion I temporarily concocted doesn't seem to be working. 

What about you? Yes, you? Are you affected by Chikungunya? I hope not, but here are a few tips that could (and note I said could) prevent you from getting the virus:

  • Use air conditioning or window/door screens to keep mosquitoes outside. If you are not able to protect yourself from mosquitoes inside your home, sleep under a mosquito bed net.

  • Help reduce the number of mosquitoes outside your home by emptying standing water from containers such as flowerpots or buckets and cut the grass.

  • When weather permits, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

  • Use insect repellents

Click here to view full details on World Health Organization fact sheet.

All in all Chikungunya maybe here a little while more or until more collective efforts are made to control this blood-sucking monster of a virus. I really need to rest now so until next time... stay Chikungunya FREE!
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