Thursday, September 26, 2013

Places to visit in Jamaica

Devon House

A very famous spot in Jamaica located in the heart of Kingston. This beautiful mansion was built in 1881 by the first Jamaican millionaire George Stiebel. Devon House hosts several shops and the most popular of them all is the Devon House I-Scream shop. Devon House Ice Scream is loved islandwide and it is a household name for Ice Cream in Jamaica because of its mouth-watering ice cream which comes in a variety of flavors and sizes.

Dunn's River Falls

The Dunn's River Falls is a famous attraction here in Jamaica for both locals and tourists. This unique site is located in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. The fall flows from a spring protruding through the dome-shaped limestone rocks. The experience of climbing the falls and having the forceful fresh water massaging your body is one to be desired. An exclusive feature of this attraction is that the beach lies at the foot of the falls. So it's like a two in one experience. Remember, if you're ever in Jamaica, please do not leave before visiting this amazingly beautiful attraction.

Blue Mountain Peak

It's is a great hiking experience on the Blue Mountain Peak in St. Andrew. The highest point of the peak is over 7000 ft and on the peak, you will have an exclusive view of the island. Hikers normally start walking in the night where it is cooler so that they can reach the peak at sunrise. The Blue Mountain is also known for its rich coffee plantations. You can stop by the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory to experience the processing of the famous Jablum coffee.

Now, this is just a few of the many attractions to see here in Jamaica. But if you're ever here these places should be apart of your schedule. Stay tuned for some more interesting highlights of Jamaica's attraction.
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