7 Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

VA Benefits

The Virtual Assistant business is an expanding phenomenon today, mainly because it is proven that there are many great benefits in having a reliable support system for your small business needs and the flexibility to call on that support only as the need arise.

Small business owners and busy professionals; even students who are pursuing their studies part-time; all have something in common. They need the extra help at particular intervals so they can better utilize their time. This is exactly what a virtual assistant does; they help you make the most of your time to achieve your goals, only when you need them.

Here are seven benefits in collaborating with a virtual assistant for your business needs.

1.  No need to worry about high salaries.
Considering the monthly activities that your small business generates. Naturally, there will be peaks where work volume increases during the month. On the other hand, regardless if there is much work to do, you still need to pay your employee their contracted salary. How much more you could improve your bottom line by reducing unused expenses. You can with a virtual assistant because you only pay for hours used, nothing more.

2.  No need to worry about staff benefits.
In addition to salaries, if you are operating according to the standards required by the labor laws in your area, you may also be required to pay staff benefits such as pension, insurance etc. Again, with a virtual assistant, all you pay for is a job well done. That’s it.

3.  No need to worry about sick leaves.
So your employee is ill and unable to work, understandable they are not able to function effectively leaving you to manage that extra workload because the work must be done. In addition to that, you still maintain the expense of paying the employee for those sick days (depending on the labor laws in your area). With a virtual assistant, you won’t need to pay for lost hours.

4.  No need to hire any full-time employee.
With the aforesaid, you now realize that you don’t really need any full-time employee for your small business. The cost to hire a qualified full-time employee who will add value to your business will be too much for your small business. Alternatively, a virtual assistant can add great value to your business and you don’t need to “break the bank”.

5.  No need to pay for vacations.
Similarly, your business could grow considerably more if you rid it of these expenses. This is how you can compete with the giants in your industry. While they can afford to hire full-time employees and still make profits. As a small business, you need to strategize and make optimum use of your resources by utilizing the services of a virtual assistant on a need to basis.

6.  No need to buy extra office equipment.
Let’s face it; a full-time employee will need tools to get the job done. Will they bring their computer, software, stationery and other items to do the job? No, but a virtual assistant will.

7.  No need to increase your office space.
In order for your full-time employee to function efficiently, they need an ergonomically designed space, which will cost you more for rent and equipment. This is an additional expense that you could avoid using a virtual assistant, they function remotely from their own office. 

If you are just starting your small business, you can consider establishing a business relationship with a virtual assistant who can help you achieve your business goals. Or maybe you have already established a business but struggling to get ahead. It is still not too late; you can always re-evaluate your position and look at alternate options that could increase your profits.

Be in the know… a lot of small businesses and professionals are reaping great benefits with the help of a virtual assistant. Fast track your business, contact Executive Virtual Aide, today!

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