Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's Talk... Family Indemnity Insurance

Family Indemnity Insurance

Life is precious in spite of the everyday challenges we encounter. We never intend for any of our loved ones to die but death has a way to visit our home whether we are black or white, rich or poor. For some of us, aside from the pain of losing someone we love, we have to make arrangements to lay their bodies to rest and this cost for those who have no insurance can be very daunting.

Suppose you were told that in Jamaica today, there is a family indemnity insurance plan that provides coverage for up to six (6) family members for one (1) monthly premium. Let me repeat it, instead of purchasing insurance for each individual member of the family; you can now cover all members for one premium. This is a very attractive plan for low-income earners or anyone who sees it fit to make provision that they do 'Rest In Peace' when they die.

Most working individuals receive insurance through their employer's group insurance plan. However, what about those persons who are self-employed or independent contractors who are not covered by a company plan and need protection for themselves and their families. The Family Indemnity Plan by the Cuna Mutual Group marketed by credit unions in Jamaica can provide that added peace of mind. One can access coverages ranging from J$80,000 to J$400,000 with premiums ranging from a low of J$422.40 to J$2,112.00 monthly.

Don't delay, get started with a family indemnity plan today! Ask me how by sending an email to [email protected] You will be glad you did.

"A naive person only make plans for their future successes but a wise person plans for both their successes and the unexpected" - Susan Scarlett.
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